The birds have started staking out their territories in our neighborhood. So I threw together a few super quick nestboxes this evening (plans courtesy Cornell Lab of Ornithology @cornellbirds) for us and our neighbors. These are rough unfinished cedar planks and galvanized nails only. Nothing fancy or decorative here. Pure function (though I dig the rustic cedar look). One side pivots out for cleaning the inside between seasons.
If you’re a friend and/or Pittsburgher and want a handmade nestbox like this, hit me up. It’s pretty easy and I’d do it for like $15. 
These holes are 1 1/4” – for titmouse sized birds (though I’m sure house sparrows will end up claiming it). I can make smaller holes for chickadees and the like.
I’d really like to make an American Kestrel box. I know we have them in the hood. But there’s no way I could get it high enough. haha.