Art All Night 2018!

Both Tamaryn and I participated in this year’s Art All Night, as we do every year. She entered her three feather drawings/paintings with a mahogany frame by me, and I entered my wooden intarsia Star Wars piece, “Jabba’s Palace“.


Wings & Wildlife Art Show 2017!

For the third year in a row I was privileged enough to be an artist in the Wings & Wildlife Art Show at the National Aviary. Here are some highlights.

One of my pieces – a pastel pencil sketch of a Great Horned Owl – was used in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as advertising for the show this year!

I also got to do a little art exchange with my new friend Jess Botzan, trading a pencil drawing I did of a screech owl for this awesome crocheted jellyfish!



Art All Night 2017!

Once again, my wife and I participated in Art All Night Lawrenceville. 

It’s a free art exhibit in a huge warehouse and free for all Pittsburghers. Also, anyone in the city can submit one artwork to be shown.

My mixed media sculpture/painting “Tridimensional Portrait of a Lizard in the Midst of an Existential Crisis” was on display, along with a painting my wife made. It was a blast as always!

Wings & Wildlife Art Show 2016 – the National Aviary

I was once again accepted to show my artwork at this year’s Wings & Wildlife Art Show at the National Aviary. There’s  nothing quite like sharing one’s wildlife-inspired art while surrounded by birds from around the world.

My wife makes everything prettier

My low-budget booth
Franklin the spectacled owl being show off by Mia
My wife and I admiring this African penguin


The view from my booth in the atrium