I acquired a gorgeous silhouette painting of the AT-AT scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back by Julia Kim Werts of The Paintbox Letters. This will be hanging in my geeky Star Wars-themed shop bathroom (see the instagram post below for a video of the bathroom). I built this quick and simple little frame using a couple of scrap pieces of walnut that were mostly bark (cutoffs from someone else’s king bed build). I managed to get just enough wood for the frame.

We have a tiny bathroom next to our shop/garage that is pretty much only used by me when I’m covered in sawdust. I started hanging a couple of my Star Wars artworks and the watercolor by @tam_a_ryn. Then one day I said “hey Honey, how would you feel if I just totally geeked out and made this a Star Wars room? I mean I’m the only one who ever sees it!”. Being the awesome wife she is, she was totally on board 🙂