“The Refugee,” Daniel D. Brown, 2013

The story is in the details. I have heard a couple interpretations from viewers, and I must say that I’ve been more entertained by the stories that they saw within this piece than with the one in my head. My goal with this work was to simply make the viewer question the circumstances surrounding the refugee and companion. What do you think is going on?

This is my latest serious attempt at creating a detailed artwork primarily using Blender (with post-processing in Photoshop). I wanted to add even more details but I reached the limits of my laptop processor (and patience). This took about two weeks of pretty constant work in the evenings and weekends. Each object was individually modeled and textured/painted myself (Though my wife came up with the alien writing and the kid’s drawing. NASA provided the earth maps.). Many thanks to Andrew Price at blenderguru.com for his blender tutorials (particularly the one on creating the Earth).

“The Refugee”


“Red-Whiskered Bulbul in Mauritius,” Daniel D. Brown, 2016, Pastel Pencil

My wife and I eloped to South Africa and Mauritius in 2014. One of the most common birds we saw in Mauritius was the red-whiskered bulbul. This particular bird was begging my wife for scraps of an apple she was eating. You can buy prints of this piece here.

“Red-Whiskered Bulbul in Mauritius”

“Yoga Bird Pants,” Daniel D. Brown, 2015, Digital

My wife is a part time yoga instructor, so for Christmas this year I designed a pair of avian-themed yoga pants (with yoga “bird” poses included), using Adobe Illustrator. I had them printed through Print All Over Me and I have made my design available for others if you wish to purchase them for yourself. They turned out really nice.

“Yoga Bird Pants” original design
Detail (with Crow Pose)
The estimated layout from the PAOM website. (which is pretty close to identical to the real-life pants on my wife)