I have a huge collection of fossils, shells, rocks, and other natural artifacts. I also had an old shitty table with particleboard insets. I decided to cut those out, build a shadow box, , a drawer, new legs, and get a custom-cut glass top (extra thick so my pets can jump on it without fear of breaking).

It’s not exactly well built or anything. But I’m pretty pleased with it for someone who hasn’t a clue what he’s doing.

Here was the process:

CoffeeTable01_DanielDBrown_2004_600 CoffeeTable02_DanielDBrown_2004_600 CoffeeTable03_DanielDBrown_2004_600 CoffeeTable04_DanielDBrown_2004_600 CoffeeTable05_DanielDBrown_2004_600 CoffeeTable010_DanielDBrown_2004_600 CoffeeTable07_DanielDBrown_2004 CoffeeTable09_DanielDBrown_2004_600 CoffeeTable08_DanielDBrown_2004_600

And the collection:CoffeeTable12_DanielDBrown_2004_600 CoffeeTable011_DanielDBrown_2004_600