Oil Sketches #1-3

My amazing wife bought me a new oil painting kit for my birthday. It’s officially time for me to learn how to actually use them! I did a few tiny sketches (like 4×4″) just to practice this relatively new medium (I’ve only used once before on this 3D octopus).

Oil Sketch #3: Laguna Waves” (based on a photo from a vacation in Laguna Beach)
Oil Sketch #2: Double-Collared Sunbird” (based on my photograph in Cape Town, South Africa)
Oil Sketch #1: Shorebird (based on a photo from our wedding in Mauritius)



“Minipastels”, Daniel D. Brown, 2013, Pastel Pencil

I made these three little quick sketches (each about the size of an iphone screen, which I used for reference) to try out my fiance Tamaryn’s pastel pencils and some new paper I got her. The paper SUCKED. I am now officially sticking with PastelMat, which is miles above everything else I’ve tried.