Scrollsaw Nautilus Shell #4 – Daniel D. Brown, 2017, Red Oak, Poplar, and Pine

I made this one from the same wood I used to make Scrollsaw Nautilus Shell #3. I decided to try some more interesting shaping on this one. I also finished it with Walnut oil (food safe) instead of polyurethane.


Seen here compared to Scrollsaw Nautilus Shell #3

Art All Night 2017!

Once again, my wife and I participated in Art All Night Lawrenceville. 

It’s a free art exhibit in a huge warehouse and free for all Pittsburghers. Also, anyone in the city can submit one artwork to be shown.

My mixed media sculpture/painting “Tridimensional Portrait of a Lizard in the Midst of an Existential Crisis” was on display, along with a painting my wife made. It was a blast as always!

Scrollsaw Nautilus Shell #3 – Daniel D. Brown, 2017, Red Oak, Poplar, and Pine

This is the third nautilus-inspired scrollsaw shell I’ve made (see #1, and #2). This one I made from some red oak, pine, and poplar I laminated together and cut into wedges (by hand).



Scrollsaw Nautilus Shell #2 – Daniel D. Brown, 2017, Pine

This is my second practice scrollsaw shell (made with the same piece of lumber as Scrollsaw Nautilus Shell #1 – go here to see how these are made). This method was first invented by my cousin Steve Garrison.

This shell is the middle one below, also shown with Scrollsaw Nautilus Shell #1 and Scrollsaw Nautilus Shell #3).

“Owl Earring Hanger #2”, Daniel D. Brown, 2017

I decided to make a simpler Owl earring hanger – One that takes less time to assemble and is much less unwieldy to ship. i.e. one that’s actually worth it for me to make and sell to people. This first one was an experiment with home-made stains using vinegar and steel wool.

Note the hanging basket in which studs and earring backs can be placed.