I saw a random image of this Doctor Strange symbol while surfing the interwebs last week and thought “that would make a cool clock design.” Appropriately, this symbol also adorned his pendant holding the Time Stone. I had an old clock left in our house by the previous owner I’d been saving for just such a project. However, it turned out the clock mechanism didn’t actually work – so I bought a new super cheap set of hardware. 😂
I cut the background from partially spalted yellowheart, the symbol from walnut, and the frame edge from mahogany (which is actually from a very thin piece of scrap, cut and glued to the yellowheart).
I don’t have the tools or practice for cutting precision angled segments like this on a table saw (e.g. a good miter gauge or sled). So I just designed all the cuts in Illustrator and cut everything on my scrollsaw.