One day I thought “hey I should mashup a few of my favorite geek franchises” to go in my geek lair.
That’s pretty much the whole deal here. Link from the Legend of Zelda, Captain America shield to represent the Avengers (I could have gone with several options but I didn’t want to clutter it, and a shield fit perfectly), and then of course a lightsaber for Star Wars in place of the Master Sword.
Yes the blade should blue with that hilt. But the green light looks better. Eat it, nerds (@cyclocrosscutter).
This is a hybrid of using natural wood colors (bloodwood and holly shield, African stinkwood harness, walnut boots, holly pants and shirt, maple face, mulberry hair, yellowheart buckles and shirt) and alcohol dyes (the blue, green, and red highlights). Link’s tunic needed to be a vibrant green and the shield needed the blue – natural wood just wouldn’t do. The dyed wood is ash or maple.