Three-Legged Stool – Daniel D. Brown, 2017, Red Oak and Elm

I found a big chunk of red oak from a tree that was felled near my house in Schenley Park, Pittsburgh a year and a half ago. After letting it sit and dry in my basement all that time, I decided to make a stool out of it. I also had a few elm branches I picked up in a neighbor’s yard around the same time. (side note: I actually started drilling the leg holes early in the summer – and broke my finger in the process. Now that it’s mostly healed, it was time to tackle this bastard).

The original chunk of red oak
The chunk had a large bug hole in it going all the way through the corner, which I decided to fill with epoxy resin, mixed with a tiny bit of green watercolor pigment.


Check out that grain!

Butcher Block Kitchen Island Cart – Daniel D. Brown, 2017, Wood

We recently bought a new home that has far too little kitchen space and storage. My wife wanted a kitchen isand with a butcher block, so I built her this. It was my first piece of actual proper furniture, with mortise and tenon joints, a drawer, a hanger for pots and pans, and a shelf for storage. The butcher block top is also removable for cleaning. The butcher block was constructed from ambrosia maple, with the base also in cherry and walnut.

Note: this first instagram post has many different photos (click the arrow).

Crystal Medallion Wooden Earrings – Daniel D. Brown, 2017

Believe it or not, these earrings for my wife @tam_a_ryn took most of the day to make. All wood and all natural colors (no stain or paint). Made from Padauk, Cherry, Purpleheart, Walnut, and Aspen. Cut on a scrollsaw. Heavily inspired by a design by @woodvibetribe (check out their AMAZING work!). Note: I based these off of @woodvibetribe‘s design for the simple reason that my wife said “make me some similar to these!” I’m not selling them.


Beatuiful Padauk wood!