Cutting Board #5, Guitar End Grain – Daniel D. Brown, 2018

This little cutting board is now in its new home in Portland, Oregon. I made this as a house-warming gift for my bro-in-law, the death metal vocalist/guitarist/bassist Daniel Kelley (@vulgar_necrolatry) in the band Ossuarium. It’s very roughly based on my Jackson guitar, with liberties taken in the form (I basically just sketched out a shape I liked onto the wood and cut it on my bandsaw after the other two rounds of cutting and gluing – swipe for in progress shots). Made from walnut, mahogany, cherry, ash, and maple. This was my first endgrain board – and you can see how I screwed up the grain direction at one point. But it was a fun and educational little project. I also successfully put this sucker through a planer (I can already hear the screams of warning from woodworking pros. Hey it worked fine – by using only 1/64” passes, if that. No exploding planer! Hope you guys get some nice produce hacked up on this thing, D!


Recycling Box – Daniel D. Brown, 2018

Just a box to temporarily hold our recycling in the kitchen until we feel like walking to the bin outside. Made from scrap cherry and a mulberry log in my neighbor’s burn pile. I built this to replace an old cardboard raisin box. 



Mail Organizer – Daniel D. Brown, 2018

The mail organizer requested by my wife is finished and in use! It now hangs next to our entrance above the butcher block island cart I built a year ago. Goodbye mail clutter! Made from walnut, cherry, and ash. Box joints cut on table saw jig. Contours and fretwork cut on a bench top bandsaw and scrollsaw. Designed in Illustrator. 



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New little project in progress I’m working on. My wife @tam_a_ryn requested this for our home. It’s a mail organizer to improve upon our current organization system that consists of a clusterfuck pile on our dining room table. I designed the structure in #sketchup and the designs to be cut out with the scrollsaw in #adobeillustrator. Ash back, cherry sides, and walnut fronts. These are my first successful box joints, which turned out to be much more of a pain in the ass than anticipated. My first attempt at this totally failed due to spacing drift over such a long distance connecting the back and side. You really have to have the finger, key, and spacing dialed in damn near perfectly. It’s not as big a deal for shorter runs. The first time I set it up, I just cut like 5 pins and my test pieces matched up well. Then I cut the side pieces with 17 pins and they had drifted 1/8 by the end and I had to scrap them. I was pretty frustrated they didn’t fit together. I then rebuilt my jig more carefully and precisely from scratch with 2 slides in the miter slots (instead of adapting my shitty miter gauge). I’m only mentioning all this for my followers that are more novice like me. Swipe to see the jig.

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Coasters – Daniel D. Brown, 2018

I made these coasters with the scrap leftover from my Bookcase Side Table build, which the coasters match. Made from cherry, mahogany, walnut, and ash.