“I Hear You Have Crabs,” Daniel D. Brown, 2014, Oil on Canvas and MagicSculpt


This is a 3 dimensional painting on 8X8 canvas. The tentacles coming out of the canvas were made from MagicSculpt.




And here is a little bit of the making of “I Hear You Have Crabs.”


Ocean Invasion #11: Cappy’s Octopus Invasion

“Ocean Invasion #11: Cappy’s Octopus Invasion” – This also happens to be my favorite cafe/bar/karaoke/trivia joint in Pittsburgh: Cappy’s Cafe (@CappysCafePGH).

This is the tenth in a series of pieces, “Ocean Invasion,” which finds ocean creatures living in absurd land habitats.

This was an exercise in integrating a 3D computer model into a real world photo with at least somewhat realistic lighting and shadows. I shot the photo with my phone cam, and modeled, textured, and rendered the octopus in Blender. A little bit of post-processing was done in GIMP. Began and completed in one afternoon.


Octopus vs. Velociraptor – T-Shirts!

Do you like Octopuses? How about Dinosaurs?
Then check out this new T-shirt I designed. That’s right – it’s an Octopus eating a Velociraptor in a tree.
(note: this is a compressed jpeg version – the original and t-shirts are much higher quality).

Buy this T-shirt at the
Laughing Mantis Zazzle store.

Octopus vs. Velociraptor – Detail

You can get it in black or white (or multiple other colors I believe).

Octopus vs. Velociraptor – Black T-shirt

It’s basically a re-rendering of my detailed digital artwork “Octopus arborealus”

Ocean Invasion #1: Octopus arborealus