Cutting Board #5, Guitar End Grain – Daniel D. Brown, 2018

This little cutting board is now in its new home in Portland, Oregon. I made this as a house-warming gift for my bro-in-law, the death metal vocalist/guitarist/bassist Daniel Kelley (@vulgar_necrolatry) in the band Ossuarium. It’s very roughly based on my Jackson guitar, with liberties taken in the form (I basically just sketched out a shape I liked onto the wood and cut it on my bandsaw after the other two rounds of cutting and gluing – swipe for in progress shots). Made from walnut, mahogany, cherry, ash, and maple. This was my first endgrain board – and you can see how I screwed up the grain direction at one point. But it was a fun and educational little project. I also successfully put this sucker through a planer (I can already hear the screams of warning from woodworking pros. Hey it worked fine – by using only 1/64” passes, if that. No exploding planer! Hope you guys get some nice produce hacked up on this thing, D!


Cheeseboard #1 – Daniel D. Brown, 2018

Here’s a little cheeseboard/serving board I made for my wife this week from a pile of small scraps I’ve been collecting from other projects. Some of it is wood I collected and milled myself from around the neighborhood. Mostly ambrosia maple, walnut, mahogany, and cherry.