Bandit, Daniel D. Brown, 2020

“Bandit”, Daniel D. Brown, 2020

Bandit (AKA Bandaman, Bandito, Bdog, Bandy, Sweet Pea).

I’ve been wanting to make a wooden Bandit ever since I started creating intarsias. But as some of you know, Bandy hasn’t been doing so great lately. In fact, while making this, he began coughing a lot and was subsequently diagnosed with congestive heart failure (So far the meds seem to be working, though they will exacerbate his kidney disease). He’s almost 14 and already has chronic kidney disease, 1 blind eye and 1 deaf ear. But he’s had a pretty sweet life and almost zero health problems until the last couple years. @tamarynart got him as a gift from her ex when she was 19!! And I’ve now been his daddy for half that time. And he’s been the absolute best fur-son I could ever have hoped for. He pretty much has to be cuddling one of us at all times, and I’ve never met a friendlier dog.

Made from sycamore and crab apple. This is the second time I‘ve actually stained one of these pieces. But I wanted the colors to be pretty close to correct. I used @chestnutproducts Spirit Stains.

Oh, and just to preempt: I’m not particularly interested in doing pet portrait commissions. Unless you’re like super rich, then maaaybe. 😂 But @ingrainedmoments_woodcraft makes amazing pet portraits a step or 10 above mine!

Bandit’s Dog Bowl Display – Daniel D. Brown, 2018

Our aging pup Bandit has collapsing esophagus (due to the weakening of the cartilage rings in his throat due to old age). This makes it more difficult for him to drink when tilting his head to the ground. So I built this stand with a couple of random pieces of walnut and cherry I had lying around (which I milled myself from neighborhood trees). These were also the first hand-cut dovetails I’ve ever attempted. They could be better, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


“Sam,” Daniel D. Brown, 2016, Pastel pencil on Pastelmat

This is a recent pet portrait commissioned as a birthday present. 14″ x 11″ (20″ x 16″ matted) drawn with Gioconda pastel pencils on Pastelmat. See the “making of” timelapse below and on youtube.

Original is SOLD





Framed final